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RoboCup@Home | RoboCup German Open 2019

The Cram Team took place at the RoboCup@home 2019! Within the Master Project Suturo we had 3 people who worked with CRAM on the HSR (robot). We are happy to announce that Cram as a framework was the cornerstone to solve the robot tasks. We used Cram to write general plans, so the robot managed to enter the arena on its own and perform pick and place task. Of course we have cooperated with other frameworks that come within our institute where we work.

Participating in a RoboCup was an exciting and rewarding experience for all of us. Furthermore it showed the students just once again why it is so important to incorporate Failure Handling and test their system for all eventualities. We look forward to the future and hope for a second time Cram@Robocup.