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 ====== Getting started ====== ====== Getting started ======
 ~~NOTOC~~ ~~NOTOC~~
-The following list is intended as a guideline how to get started using CRAM. ...+The following list is intended as a guideline ​on how to get started using CRAM. 
 +  * You can install CRAM packages following the [[../​installation|Installation]] instructions. 
 +  * To learn how to comfortably use the recommended development environment,​ check the [[ide|Setup and IDE]] page, which describes the main software components of the development environment,​ how to set them up and how to use them. 
 +  * If you are looking to acquire hands-on experience with CRAM, look through the [[../​tutorials|Tutorials]] 
 +  * To learn more about the theoretical backgrounds of CRAM check out the [[../​publications|Publications]] page. 
 +  * To broaden your background knowledge on Robotics, AI, Planning and Lisp consult the [[links|Links]] page. 
 +  * Before starting to write your own CRAM packages skim through the [[http://​cram-system.org/​doc/​guidelines|Programming Guidelines]] page.