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 +====== Directory Resolution Tokens in the Belief State ======
 +During configuration of the [[doc:​logging:​beliefstate:​config_file|config file]] options, certain string options can make use of directory resolution tokens. These tokens have semantic meaning and are replaced by their respective real values when being read from the configuration file.
 +Available options that can be utilized are:
 +  * ''​${WORKSPACE}'':​ Is replaced by your current Rosbuild/​Catkin workspace directory
 +  * ''​${PACKAGE //​package//​}'':​ Is replaced by the path of the ROS package //package//
 +  * ''​${HOME}'':​ Is replaced by your user's home directory (i.e. ''/​home///​user//''​)
 +Single-word options (like ''​HOME''​ and ''​WORKSPACE''​) can also be used without the curly brackets.