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ROS data logging

This page describes the logging part of the system. The recorded log files can be queried from the KnowRob knowledge base, and documentation on the predicates to be used can be found there.

The logger is a modified version of the original mongodb_log package by Tim Niemueller.


  • Install the mongodb database and additional tools as system dependencies:
        sudo apt-get install mongodb-dev python-pymongo python-pyrrd
  • Add the following lines to the .rosinstall file in your catkin workspace:
      - git: {local-name: iai_common_msgs, uri: ''}
      - git: {local-name: designator_integration, uri: ''}
  • Check out and compile the repositories:
      cd ~/catkin_ws
      wstool update
      cd ..
  • Add the following lines to the .rosinstall file in your rosbuild workspace:
      - git: {local-name: mongodb_log, uri: ''}
  • Compile the mongodb logger:
      rosmake mongodb_log


  • Start the logger using rosrun or roslaunch and give the list of topics as arguments, e.g.
      rosrun mongodb_log mongodb_log /tf