CRAM v0.1 -> CRAM v0.2


Stayed unchanged. Only got updated (merged PRs from one of the Suturo students).


As the refactoring in v0.2 mostly affected higher level packages of CRAM and didn't influence cram_core much, there's really not that much you need to do to migrate.

Step 1: Renaming ASDF systems

Search (grep) for designators and process-modules in all the *.asd files of your packages and change designators (from cram_designators package) to cram-designators and process-modules to cram-process-modules.


Search for cram_reasoning in all the package.xml and CMakeLists.txt files of your packages and change cram_reasoning to cram_prolog.

Then search for cram-reasoning in all the *.asd and *.lisp files of your packages and change cram-reasoning to cram-prolog. Also, search for crs in all the *.lisp files and change it to prolog.

Step 3: designator properties as keywords

Search for all make-designator and with-designators and change the type of the designator from simple symbol to a keyword, e.g.

(make-designator 'location '((on table)))

should turn into

(make-designator :location '((on table)))

Next search for all make-designator, with-designators and (desig-prop ? calls in all your Lisp files and change the designator properties there from simple symbols to keywords, e.g. 'on should become :on. Also, search for all desig-props in all your Lisp files and get rid of them, e.g.

(desig-prop ?designator (desig-props:to desig-props:see))

should turn into

(desig-prop ?designator (:to :see))

Finally, you can search for def-desig-package in all your package.lisp files and get rid of def-desig-package and designator-properties there. This is not obligatory but it will make your code cleaner. E.g.:

(desig-props:def-desig-package :cram-designators
    (:use #:common-lisp #:cram-reasoning #:cut)
    (:nicknames :desig)
    (:desig-properties #:obj #:location #:object #:pose #:of #:at
                       #:type #:trajectory #:action #:constraints))

should turn into

(defpackage :cram-designators
    (:use #:common-lisp #:cram-reasoning #:cut)
    (:nicknames :desig))
Step 4: one bracket less in WITH-DESIGNATORS

Finally, search for all with-designators in your *.lisp files and get rid of one extra bracket there, e.g.

   ((open-loc (:location `((:to :open) (:to :reach)
                           (:obj ,?obj)))) ; <- 4 brackets in the end
    (open-action (:action `((:type :trajectory)
                            (:to :open) (:obj ,?obj)
                            (:angle ,?angle)))))

should turn into

   ((open-loc :location `((:to :open) (:to :reach)
                          (:obj ,?obj))) ; <- 3 brackets in the end
    (open-action :action `((:type :trajectory)
                           (:to :open) (:obj ,?obj)
                           (:angle ,?angle))))

The idea behind this change was that the less brackets you have the better and that this way with-designators will look a lot more like make-designator, e.g.

  ((some-location :location '((:some :where)))))
   (make-designator :location '((:some :where)))

If you don't like this change, please complain.

Hint: there are some awesome tutorials on cram_core on this website, all the tutorials that are under “Beginner tutorials” category here use solely cram_core and demonstrate the features of CRAM, check them out.


The cram_bridge repository / metapackage had enormous dependencies on the other CRAM / IAI packages - you needed the whole CRAM and a bunch of robot drivers and some experimental code just to be able to use a Lisp JSON Prolog implementation or the semantic logging mechanism. To avoid that the three most widely used packages from there got separated into their own repositories: cram_beliefstate, cram_json_prolog, cram_moveit.

cram_highlevel and cram_physics

There were way too many changes in the higher level packages to write a comprehensive migration guide but here is a general overview. (If you have your own code that uses cram_highlevel or cram_physics you are strongly advised to get in touch with Gaya and get her to help you with migration.)

There used to be two high-level packages: cram_highlevel and cram_physics, now there are four: cram_plans, cram_semantic_maps, cram_3d_world, cram_costmaps. The functionality that used semantic environment maps from KnowRob in cram_highlevel got separated into cram_semantic_maps such that if you only want, say the plan library, you wouldn't have to download the whole semantic map business and have to compile that. The same with the specific costmaps that were in cram_physics, they are now in cram_costmaps, also PR2-specific code of cram_physics went to cram_pr2.

To get a better picture of the current state take a look at this spreadsheet or at this rosinstall file.

There is a tutorial on how you can use the semantic environment maps with minimal dependencies in your own code here.

Soon there will be a tutorial on writing your own plan library with minimal dependencies, so stay tuned.