CRAM installation

Setting up ROS Environment

Before starting, open a fresh terminal which hasn't sourced anything related to ROS yet (nothing in the .bashrc), otherwise you might get bad side-effects.

Both Catkin and Rosbuild

Catkin Part
source /opt/ros/hydro/setup.bash
cd ~/workspace

or cd ~/work or mkdir ~/workspace && cd ~/workspace, whatever.

mkdir -p catkin/src
cd catkin

You might want to call catkin_init_workspace from src before catkin_make, but this is actually not needed, as catkin_make does that for you as well.

Rosbuild part
source devel/setup.bash
mkdir ~/workspace/rosbuild
cd ~/workspace/rosbuild
rosws init . ../catkin/devel

Make sure you use rosws here instead of wstool.

echo -e "\n# ROS\nsource \$HOME/workspace/rosbuild/setup.bash\n" >> ~/.bashrc

The quotation marks and the 2 'bigger' signs in echo might not work if you copy paste. Do cat ~/.bashrc to check if it worked.

source ~/.bashrc